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Pre-arrival information

We want to make your journey to Liverpool Hope University go as smoothly as possible. This page tells you what you need to do before you arrive, and what you can expect in the first few weeks.

Arrival Day 

The University has a special Arrival Day each semester so that all new students receive a warm welcome and can meet each other. We have lots of staff on all three campuses and at our Halls of Residence to make sure you settle in and have all you need for a great start.

We would like all students to arrive on these special days, but if you can't, just let us know at and we will make sure we meet you when you get here.

Arrival Day is mainly aimed at students moving into Halls of Residence, but as the University's Induction Week (September) and the International Hub's Orientation Programme (September and January) start straight after Arrivals Day, we would encourage any undergraduate students living off campus to also arrive on the same weekend.

If you are a postgraduate student, your course and Induction week will start a week later, but you are welcome to join us on Arrivals Day and have an extra week to settle in before your course starts.

Arrival Days for 2020/21 are:

Autumn Semester

Saturday 12 September for Undergraduate students who need to self-isolate

19 September for Postgraduate students who need to self-isolate

26 September for students who do not need to self-isolate

Spring semester

Thursday 7 January 2021 

Travel to the UK

You can travel to Liverpool via the following routes:

  • Flight to Liverpool John Lennon Airport

  • Flight to Manchester International Airport followed by train or taxi to Liverpool (airport collection available on Arrival Day only - fee may apply)

  • Flight to any London airport followed by air shuttle to Liverpool John Lennon Airport

  • Flight to any London airport followed by direct train from London Euston station to Liverpool Lime Street station

  • Flight to any UK International Airport followed by National Express bus to Liverpool 1 Bus Depot

Pre-Arrival checklist

  • If you wish to live in Halls of Residence, complete the online application, or if you wish to live off campus, apply for a room in private accommodation. Please do not travel without having somewhere to stay as the University does not offer temporary accommodation 

  • If you have recieved an offer of a room in Halls, accept the Accommodation Contract and pay the deposit

  • Apply for your Visa (unless you are eligible to get a Short-Term Study Visa at the port of entry)

  • Book your flight (do NOT fly via Dublin airport if you need a Short Term Study Visa) 

  • Book an AIRPORT TRANSFER if you wish to book a private transfer vehichle from Manchester International Airport to your accommodation on the above on Arrival days (fee £45). Study Abroad and Exchange students do not need to book - please contact us with your flight details.

  • Register for your course (see below)

Arriving at University

  • If you have booked an Airport Collection on Arrivals Day, we will meet you at the airport and transport you to one of our Halls of Residence, where a member of staff will meet you and show you to your room

  • If you live in Halls of Residence there is a free Shuttle Bus to get you to your teaching campus. Please ensure that you follow the Induction Programme or Orientation Programme so that you don't miss any important welcome events

  • If you will not be living in Halls of Residence, you should go to your accommodation before visiting the University

  • If you do not have access to the free Shuttle Bus, make your way to the campus where your course is taught to follow your timetable and if you can, the Orientation Programme. The campus names are Hope Park or The Creative Campus. See the How to Find Us page for directions and campus maps

All international students should report to the International Hub at Hope Park at their earliest opportunity to present their passport and certificates to the Compliance Officer. Course registration and a Finance interview are required before your Student ID card can be issued

Registration Tasks

You need to register before you arrive. Full details can be found at:

Orientation programme

International Orientation starts from Sunday 27 September 2020 at Aigburth Park and from Monday 28 September 2020 at Hope Park

The International Hub offers an International Orientation Programme, which  includes a welcome and information session and a range of activities to help you to feel at home. For students living in Halls of Residence, this starts as soon as you arrive.

Orientation will be online for self-isolating students. Students who have completed self-isolation or who do not have to self-isolate will be offered campus tours, registration, document checking, ID card collection, library induction, financial planning, and help with joining the Student Union's clubs and societies. We will introduce you to our Chaplaincy Team and make you aware of the variety of social events where you can meet other students and make new friends.

We will hold a 'What's The Difference' workshop where we will discuss UK and local customs, language and food and we will explain the many opportunities for travel around the UK and Europe.

We will even take you on a trip to the historic city of Chester by train, where you can walk the city walls, visit the amphitheatre, and browse around the Cathedral.

Fees and Finance 

During the first day of the Orientation Programme you will be able to speak to our Finance Team about the payment of your fees. You may need to have a short interview with them, but this will depend on your circumstances. Here is a quick guide to what you can expect:

International Students on a three/four year Undergraduate degree - if you have not paid your Tuition fee (and Accommodation fee, if applicable), or Package fee, in full, a payment plan will be agreed for the balance of your fees.

International Students on a one year Postgraduate degree - if you have not paid your Tuition fee (and Accommodation fee, if applicable), or Package fee in full, you will be expected to pay 50% of the remaining balance and agree a date for payment of the remaining 50%

Study Abroad students - if you have applied for a one-semester Programme, your (or your University) should pay the Study Abroad Fee Package in full before you arrive. If paid you will not need a Finance interview.

If you are have applied for a full academic year Programme, you (or your University) should pay 50% of the Fee Package before you arrive, and the remaining 50% within three months of arrival.

See Study Abroad Fee Package Details for prices and to see what is included in the Fee Package. 

International Exchange students - there is no tuition fee due, but if you choose to live in Halls of Residence (recommended), you will automatically be liable for the International Exchange Fee Package, which you will be expected to pay in full before arrival. 

Exchange students who choose to live off campus in private accommodation, do not pay the Exchange Fee Package.

See Exchange Fee Package Details for prices and to see what is included in the Fee Package.  

How to Pay Your Fees 

To pay your university fees you should use the Liverpool Hope Bank Transfer (powered by our partner Western Union Business Solutions). By using this service you pay in your local currency from your home bank account so you do not need to worry about exchange rates or bank charges. 

If you have any queries about this service or your payment you can contact WU Business Solutions dedicated student support helpline on +44 (0) 1733871871 or email 

For further information please refer to the Regulations for Fees and Finance document. 

To contact our Finance Team, please email

Please contact us at if you have any questions.