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In the current global climate, fostering cross-border academic collaboration is of vital importance. That is why Liverpool Hope University and the Catholic University of Lille have chosen to establish a unique partnership, and to create a joint European Institute to lead the partnership.

In June 2016, Liverpool Hope University and the Catholic University of Lille signed a strategic roadmap detailing their plans for joint collaboration around research, teaching, and development of joint degree programmes to 2019 and beyond. This led in turn to the formation of the European Institute in September 2016.

History teaches us that cooperation is essential in achieving peace, growth and progress, and European history demonstrates this even more intensely. It is in this spirit that the European Institute works, open to all ideas and determined to play its part in developing cooperation.

Aims of the Institute

The Institute aims to do two things. First of all, it is a vehicle for supporting and fostering all forms of cooperation between Liverpool Hope and the Université Catholique, in the form of staff and student exchanges, research collaboration and other projects.

Second, it is intended to promote greater knowledge and awareness of Europe and European issues. It is multi-disciplinary, and operates with a broad definition of Europe – it is not confined to the study of the European Union (although that is, naturally, one of a number of topics with which the Institute’s members engage).