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Members of the Institute are well published in their field of expertise. Below lists the latest publications and news pieces staff have been involved in.

Books and articles

Theorising the Popular

A collection of the best papers from the 2015 conference on Theorising the Popular has been published by Cambridge Scholars Press. It was edited by Michael Brennan from Liverpool Hope’s School of Social Science and it includes two papers from contributors associated with the Catholic University of Lille.

Alison Offe is a  joint Lille/Liverpool PhD student. Her chapter was on “Popularising the Tudors: the case of Anne Boleyn”. Estelle Vallas is a former MA English student at the Catholic University of Lille and is now an English teacher in a high school in Amiens. Her chapter was on “Feminist Icon or Ruthless Warrior? Guinevere in Bernard Cornwell’s The Warlord Chronicles”.

Find out more about Theorising the Popular.

Reporting the road to Brexit: international media and the EU referendum 2016

Congratulations to Anthony Ridge-Newman, from the Department of Media and Communications in Liverpool Hope, on the publication of his new book, which he co-edited with Fernando León-Solis (University of the West of Scotland) and Hugh O’Donnell (Glasgow Caledonian University). The book explores how the media engaged with and influenced the Brexit referendum. It is published by Palgrave-Macmillan. For more information, visit the Palgrave website

The European Left and the Crisis

Edited by Michael Holmes (Liverpool Hope University) and Knut Roder (Sheffield Hallam), this book examines how left-wing parties in the EU responded to the financial crash, the recession and the bailouts of the past ten years. The book includes a chapter on the French left, written by Julien Navarro and Antonella Seddone of ESPOL in the Catholic University of Lille, and Michael Holmes’s own chapter on the Irish Left. The book is due for publication in early 2019.

Working papers and Expert Comments

Dr Michael Holmes from our department of History and Politics is currently a Research Fellow in the European School of Politics at l'Université Catholique de Lille, funded by the regional council of Hauts-de-France. Here he gives his take on this weekend's French elections.

Expert Comment: The French Presidential Election

Professor Bill Jones comments on Theresa May announcing Brexit.

Expert Comment: Article 50

Dr Zaki Nahaboo, The rights and wrongs of the High Court ruling on triggering Article 50, (16 January 2017)

View the full article.

Dr Jacqui Miller looks at New German Cinema and the German-American cultural frontier.

‘What’s wrong with a cowboy in Hamburg?’

Dr Namrata Rao along with Dr Anesa Hosein  (University of Surrey) are working on this SEDA funded study.

Immigrant academics in the pedagogic ‘foreign-land’

Dr Michael Holmes discusses Europe after Brexit.

Expert Comment: Europe after Brexit